5 Best Red Dot Magnifier You Can Use In 2022

This is one of the important shooting accessories to add the accuracy of the shot fired and the other activity. Best for both hunting and self-defense purposes. But the ability of the red dot can be increased by using the red dot magnifier and can also be used with the additional 2x or 3x magnifier.

In the same way muzzle, barrel, lower receivers, and many other magazines used in rifles and other guns.

There is an advantage of using magnifier so there are some of the sorted red dot magnifiers which suit best for your need. After reading this article you will find many of the reasons to use this combo in your arms.

red dot magnifier

I think there is enough intro about the magnifier so let’s check out the list of the Red dot magnifier.

List of Top 5 Best Red Dot Magnifier (Combos):-

1- Vortex Optics Red Dot Magnifier with Built-in Flip Mount

vortex optics - red dot

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This is our top pics from the huge range of the red dot magnifier which provides a better aiming to the target. This model is equipped with the 3x magnifier which is an excellent option to choose over any other optics.

Robust and Rigid

One of the best brands available in the market. It is lightweight so easy to operate and doesn’t feel any extra weight on the gun. Its top layer is hard-anodized that protects it from the daily scratches and other abrasions. The magnifier is good and works in all condition it simply means it is water and fog proof.

Buying it is a good deal as the flip is so easy and helps to switch between the scope and red dot. The lense ensures high resolution, light collection capability, and provide good color visibility. The 3x magnification is enough for most of the uses.

What’s the magnification?

As the model name suggests, the VMX-3T gives 3 X magnification. This should be sufficient for the majority of shooting applications. The red dot sight is bright and easily visible, making it easy to acquire your target. The best red dot magnifier combo inbuilt flip out design that provides better magnification as compared to the rifle red dot sight. 

For the middle and large distance this is the perfect device but within the range of the 10 yards, flip it and use only the red dot for the best results.

The 2.2 inches length if the red dot is sufficient for the user especially for self-defense purposes some want even more than this but it totally depends upon the particular need.

The eye relief may be increased but its lightweight and exterior coating help to maintain the condition of the shooting.

2- EOTECH HHS I Holographic Hybrid Sight

eOTECH HHS I Holographic Hybrid Sight

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In the list, the second contender is quite costly but has a lot of quality and capability then compare to the other one. This is the highly advanced sight with the night vision sensor which can help you to see in the low light condition and the night time. 

Compatible with the all latest-gen night vision device. It offers a faster switch between the scope and easily adjustable it to the middle and long-range targets.

Design and overview

Since it has and night vision so obviously its size should be more as compared to the other. The 7.7-inch length and 2.3 inches wide and a height of 3.2 inches. The size is quite more than other but it will work great when attached with your rifle. The scope is fully operational in the deep water up to 30 feet which is quite impressive.

Shoot with both eyes open

You can even shoot with your both eyes open and allows the shooter to see the outer surrounding as the viewing angle is just 7-8 degrees. The weight is quite low and affords light transmission and hence it creases visibility too. 

The mounting option is very good and can be easily adjusted with the rifle and size of the Picatinny rail. There is more than 20 daylight setting with 10 extra for gen 3+ night device.

The battery used in this is CR123 battery made for the long uses both day and night. The warranty is 10 years so if you buy this can be more cost-effective.

3- UTG Leapers 6″ Red Dot Sight and Magnifier Combos – Best Budget Red Dot Magnifier Combos

UTG leaper 6" - red dot magnifier

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Now this is the interesting thing is the length of this scope is very hight but very effective and cost-efficiency. The flip option one of the best things that happen at the same time. And also helps to switch the scope for any range. The best part is it will not interfere with a shooter when they are not using the flipped scope.

The magnification s sam eas all i.e. 3x. Then you will get the clear red dot at every twist. The layer is coated and can be used with all the weather conditions.

Brightness and design

The red dot is perfectly aligned and the brightness can be controlled easily for both red and green and offer zero lockable and resettable ability.

It can be mounted over the 20mm rail. The height is 40mm when used as an iron sight. The sunshade provides to dodge the excess light on the lense and this increased visibility even in the sunny weather. 

You can also adjust the magnifier by moving it on the rail and lock it according to you. The thing which I don’t like is, the battery is not given with the set and the logger length may give some common problem.

4- Primary Arms 3X Magnifier for Red Dot Sights – Long Eye Relief, Gen IV

red dot magnifier

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This brand is very famous among the arms industry an if it makes nay parts then it will obviously be the awesome device to use in the guns. It offers long eye relief at a reasonable price. This version of Gen 4 is an improved version of the previous forms.

Benefits of longer eye relief

Eye relief is the major capability of the scope so that you can use it or the longer period of the time. You will get 2.64 inches of eye relief as a minimum.

Durable and Rugged design

The design is compact and works for all the conditions included with the waterproof this is made up of rubber armor sleeve which protects the unit from the rough impact during the operations. The warranty is quite low like 1 year only. 

If there will be a manufacturing defect then the warranty covers the overall repair and replacement. Its design fits best for the ar-15 or lower guns like SMGs. The scope is as usual 3x which is enough to operate and use in any conditions. 

The output area lens has a diameter of 8mm and a view of 37.9 feet for every 100m with a weight of 7.9 oz which is quite heavy if compared with its competitor. The light used in this can be improved to see even in harsh conditions.

5- TMS Tactical 3X Magnifier Scope for Red Dot Sights and EOTech Sights

TMS Tactical 3X- red dot magnifier

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One other from the same brand this is the combo and has a very interesting range of price. The swapping technique is fast as compared to the other. The 4.25 inches of length and 7.804 oz weight give the advanced features to it. 

The magnification is 3x and also offered that adjustable elevation features help to set for the particular range. This allows for ease of flip out when only sight is required.

Adjust Height

The 30mm mount tube comes with a coated lens to give better performance with 90 degrees FTS flip. The height will align with the standard sight. Before buying also check the the height of red dot in the sight. If you want taller scope then you can also switch for the 42mm model. 

This model is interesting because it allows the shooter to use the iron sight and she scopes at the same time without dismantling the existing scope.

If we talk about the weight then it is quite bulky but cost-effective.

Advantages Of Red Dot Magnifier

It simply a magnifier that increases the range with a red dot capability in it and allows the shot to fire on the exact position.

You can also use your existing magnifier behind the red dot, it will work the same as that.

Can also buy separately but make sure that both will work perfectly because some of the scope and red dot combination doesn’t work when used combinely.

A cheap and efficient way to increase the productivity of the rifle.


Those who want for the hunting purpose use a magnifier for exact targeting. The red dot helps a lot while aiming for the pinpoint target. It gives the next level of confidence.

It gives confidence to the shooter, proper identification, and make the kill shot when applicable.

Combo magnifier is the best option

There is little confusion when choosing the combo units which fit on the rifle. Firstly, compatibility is an important thing. Secondly, this work in a single piece of kit. Therefore, purchasing this combo can disappoint you if you are thinking about to use it individually.

Having a single device helps to mount, maintenance, storage, and cleaning easier. There may be some problems while adjusting the magnification. This makes it but easier to use and operate.

As we know that the red dot is adjusted with most of the mounted scope or magnifier and also with the holographic scope. So this simply increases its productivity and reliability.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Red Dot Magnifier

Now I will you the things which should be kept in mind before buying the magnifier combo for your guns. First of all access your own needs and compare them with the capabilities given below and get the best red dot magnifier combo you yourself.


This is the important thing on the list I know that the red dot is important too and the magnification is the major reason to use it with a red dot as we know very well that red dot doesn’t have any magnifier just a red dot.

Zoom Level

Most magnifiers combo have only 2x or 3x magnification so you cant zoom for a longer distance. There is also a 5x but it is not easily available if you want to use it then use 5x without red dot as scope. While 2x or 3x are used widely as compared to the other.


Always check the construction first before buying it. The prices may vary from cheap to costly. So be careful about it. Also, check for the area from where you use your eyes to place. Warranty and what actually it covers also the main factor to choose any red dot magnifiers.

Mount Type

The other advantage is to switch between the red dot and magnifier. Check for the mount type so that it will help to adjust. Allows easy target acquisition which simply increases maneuverability.

There is a lot of advantages for this combo but suitable for the mid-range or the long-range targets depend upon the length of the rail in your gun. This is good but a fixed mount combo has its own disadvantages like to switch or aims when the target is so close. So take a red dot which can be toggle so you can flip it whenever required.


Whatever you choose it should be soft and smooth at the eye end. But it also depends upon the rifle you used or the caliber used in the gun. The recoiling capability of the gun also gives some unwanted jerk to the eye. For the AR-10 don’t use a very short magnifier as we know very well about the recoil of the AR-10.


One of the main things to know that it should be easy to install and use you don’t feel bothered during the switching of the optics. The position nit fixed should be exact and make a clear target image even when zoomed like elevation or windage etc.


On the last once discuss the price because there is a large range of magnifiers come in market form 50 to 500 dollars, so it will be important to choose the right device under your budget or close to it.


For those who often go for hunting trips so this will definitely help to do so. But you need to be accurate as you don’t have a lot of options to adjust your sight. So be sure before using it because no prey will stand still after missing the first shot. The quick flip of combos can help for the faster maneuver.


One of the important things so I suggest using the combo from which you can toggle easily from the scope to the red dot or both. In self-defense purposes, it always at a shorter distance so only red dot may be enough to operate.

Night Vision Capable

Nowadays many of the red dot magnifiers come with the night vision sensors and the main purposes are to use at night when you go out alone or for self-defense. This will cost you more but it has its w own benefit to using at night.

Non-Combo Options

This option is also available for you if you already have one of them so you just need to buy one device and you are ready to use your red dot as a combo like the costly on available in the market.

Conclusion – What is the Best Red Dot Magnifier?

This device has its own popularity and demand in the market so it is a big deal to select your best red dot magnifier. For the tactical shooter, it is one of the important accessories which is used for their guns.

From the above lists, Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier with Built-in Flip Mount is the best option to choose from all of them and fit even for the small Picatinny rail. And if your budget is good.

If wants something technical then go for EOTECH HHS I Holographic Hybrid Sight which is equipped with the night vision capability. You can use this piece in any condition. Some high quality has a warranty of 10 years so you can buy even the costly one outstanding performance.

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