9 Best Muzzle Brake For AR-15 – 2022

The recoil of the gun is one of the biggest problems that arise between the firing port of the gun and the target. The recoil of 5.56 mm ammo is fully manageable and tactical shooting is the main uses of AR 15. It means you have to shoot the target from the different steps of an unstable position.

Choosing the best muzzle brake can minimize the recoil and increase accuracy, speed of the bullet. Luckily, the cost of the muzzle is not so high, around $100 is enough to buy a good quality of muzzle that fi into your AR.

The recoils of another big size bullet-like 7.62 mm and many others generate more recoil and instability and in this case, the muzzle can give the best support to the shooter to hit the target.

Newbies can also use the bigger AR easily, low jerk to their solder, and easy to handle. You can read uses and advantage of muzzle for more details but first, let’s find the best muzzle brake.

There is a lot of muzzles in the market and here we bring some best muzzle brake for your AR:-

List of Best Muzzle Brake for AR-

1. Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator: Best Overall

Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator

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This heavy-duty compensator tops the performance the M4-72 is an extremely lightweight (2.6 oz) and compact design that delivers industry-leading recoil reduction of up to 75%. In terms of performance, this is the best suit for hunting and shooting. This is due to the baffles that redirect gas to the side and keep the gas away from the shooter.

The top and bottom side are closed so that it doesn’t affect to hit the target vertically and this help to visible the target clearly. The total length is just about 2.1″ long, give the value of your money under $100. Doesn’t leave the dust signature with its industryleading performance.

Since the weight is quite high so it may affect the balance and need to be controlled by the user. Better machine from heat-treated stainless steel for extra durability. The M4-72 can run in the extreme heat of combat conditions without being subject to erosion.



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Area 419 was established in 2011, as a gun shop making classical rifle. The Hellfire may be a two-piece muzzle brake built around a universal adapter that’s first screwed on to the threaded muzzle. This adapter is tapered to make sure the muzzle brake aligns perfectly with the bore of the weapon.

The Hellfire brake is then slid onto the adapter and also the user can rotate the brake to their desired orientation. Once the brake is timed to the correct alignment, the threaded collar is screwed on to affix the brake to the weapon. It really is that easy, and fit nice and cushty on the gun.

The brake doesn’t rotate no matter pressure. While there is definitely a silencer for everybody and each purpose, a niche exists within the realm of the dedicated long-range muzzle. there’s quite 4 variants of Area 419 are available so you’ll be able to choose what’s going to fit your needs your precision rifle or AR.

3. ODIN Works Atlas 5 Compensator: Easiest to Install

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This muzzle is one of the easiest to install on the AR. The system of this muzzle reduced the recoil by 64% since as comparable it is less but acceptable in this price range. Some more features like this make it unique. The design is unique and easy to fit on AR, just rotate it and it works fine.

However, most of the muzzle suggests you not to use with less than 16″ barrel but this will also work fine with 14″ barrel length. The look is different with 2 shade of color. This model comes at a decent price for an adjustable muzzle brake.

After few times of use I’m experiencing no muzzle rise with my new AR, and almost no recoil either, very nice piece of hardware, a little on the loud side, but that doesn’t matter. An excellent option for shooters who want customized muzzle brake performance at a cheap price.

4. Apex Tactical Enhanced Stabilization Attachment: Budget

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This brand is very famous among the market of guns and the weight is very low and the diameter which can be easily hidden in the barrel. The muzzle itself is well-furnished and has a gas vent that controls muzzle rise. It can be installed easily and stayed put. 

As shown in adds it reduced the recoil up to 64% but my experience says that it is about 60%. One thing I must say that it’s after shot voice is quite high than any other compensator. The Melonite finish provides a durable, long-lasting matte black finish. Weighing in at 2.2oz (63g) the ESA is lightweight. Its 0.75″ x 2.6″ dimensions keep barrel bulk down, with speedy transitions.

The top burner provides a downward force to keep the aim on target and help the user to fire on the same spot. An absolutely incredible product from the manufacturer. Enhanced Stabilization Attachment (ESA) for all AR-15 and ammo like .223 and 5.56 mm caliber rifles.

5. Dead Air Armament Keymount: Muzzle Brake and Suppressor Adaptor

dead air armament keymount-Muzzle Brake and Suppressor Adaptor

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The is the 2 in one attachment that can also suppress your AR. The other benefit of this is the muzzle produce lot of extra voice and the suppressor can able to suppress that voice. Since you get both advantages so the recoil can be reduced only by 56%, it is no6t so bad but can be accepted because of the silencer.

The 3 vertical vents allow you to release the gas and the bottom is closed so that you can make a low profile in different terrain.

No more extra voice by muzzle so can be used normally in any AR. The only thing which I don’t like is its weight, quite more than the normal 4.1 ounces. But it can be neglected due to amazing dual benefits.

6. Knights Armament QDC MAMS Muzzle Brake: Muzzle Brake and Flash Hider

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This muzzle brake is very interesting and acts as an inbuilt feature of a barrel. The only problem with the double accessory in a single form is the capability of a muzzle in a decrease like the above one it also reduces the recoil by 52% only. 

But apart from this, you get a benefit of hiding the flash of the barrel. So no signature of flame so that anyone can see from where the bullet is shot. Flash hider doesn’t work on full efficiency.

The small holes in every side help to maintain the aiming position and do not affect the accuracy of the target, no holes in the bottom so that you can make a low profile in different terrain. Including all the price is high but if we talk about both benefits then it is cheap and can use muzzle and compensator together.

7. Precision Armament AFAB Hybrid: Muzzle Brake and Compensator

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One again from the first manufacture this time comes with muzzle brake and compensator. The quality is very good and can be compared to its first version. The recoil reduction is 50% but can give the advantages of compensator too. Its unique feature is amazing and doesn’t look like a simple muzzle brake.

The tiny holes blow the gas away without making an extra unwanted voice. The quality is good like other only the recoil reduction is less as compared to any other 2 in 1 device. But not that much bad as its recoil percentage is low.

8. Dead Air Armament Sandman Ti: Muzzle Brake and Suppressor

dead air armanent sandman-Muzzle Brake and Suppressor

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One of the best muzzle I see ever. The slim black design without any holes gives an excitement that how it reduces the recoil up to 50% and also works great from the suppressor end. Due to the closes, suppressor end to part, the fish didn’t splash out so can be able to hide the flash.

It is compatible with both 5.56 mm, 300 blackout, and .308 rifles. So buying it gives you a lot of benefits as so can use this any caliber rifle or sniper. The sniper works well, even no neighbor can identify the shot fired or not.

Since it is work in 2 ways so have a weight of 16.5 ounces, more than 4 times than any other muzzle or 2 in one muzzle and expensive. So if you really want something can reduce the recoil then this is not for you.

9. Surefire WARCOMP: Recoil Reducing Flash Hider

surefire warcomp recoil reducing flash hider

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This is especially for flash hider but can also reduce the recoil little bit up to  35% only. Which is the lowest in our list but don’t underestimate. It can hide flash up to 70% and one and only muzzle that is suitable for the short barrel rifle as well as any AR.

There is a space to 3 sides at every 120 degrees so it can be blown you cover when firing from the prone. It weighs in at 3.845 ounces, which is heavier than most dedicated muzzle brakes.

What is this and why we use Muzzle Brake?

A muzzle brake is a popular firearm accessory, and a whole lot of shooters have them. Functionally, it’s a recoil compensator. This is like an external material if you need than can use this. It benefits rapid-fire, fully automatic fire, and large-barrel hunting rifles.

When the round firing from the barrel, the gas that built up to push the chamber for automatic reloading and also a lot of energy to push the gun backward. So to reduce this problem the muzzle is used to remove the extra gas outside the barrel when the bullet fired.

There are a lot of myths about muzzle like decrease velocity, increase voice but it is totally wrong. No effect on any of them and also it is not a silencer, there is a huge difference between muzzle, flash hider, and suppresser. Few attachments come with the dual property but it costs you more than expected.

But it gives more advantage if fired burst shot by AR. This helps to use the only gas required to reload the next round and decrease recoil and increase accuracy. This extracts more flash but there is also some muzzle that includes flash hider too.


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  • Recoil reduced up to 70%.
  • Can use larger calibers bullet with greater control
  • Quick and precise shot
  • No strain on the shoulder



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  • High-quality muzzle cost up to $240
  • Produce more sound when shot
  • Increase the length of AR



As I already discuss each and every type of best muzzle brake available in the market so you can choose accordingly. In last I would like to suggest if you want to reduce only recoils then go for Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator. It will reduce recoil to 74%. If you use this with 5.56mm ammo then it will do its best and almost negligible recoil will left.

Using any muzzle doesn’t affect the velocity of your bullet not affect in any other way. Before choosing the muzzle be careful that there should be no way at the bottom to release the gas as it will expose your position. For all-rounder users, I will suggest Dead Air Armament Sandman Ti for the best performance.

I hope this list will help you a lot with choosing the right muzzle according to your need.

Happy Hunting!

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