How To Use Peep Sights With Your Rifle (GUIDE)

Do you want to know how to use peep sights?

If yes, then you must be looking for it to improve your accuracy with iron sights and become a better version of yourself then Peep sights are going to help you for sure. These peep sights are affordable to equip on almost every rifle and are not like those of the high priced red dot or holographic sights available out there in the market.

We will be sharing with you our tips for using peep sights so that you become a better shooter   how to use peep sights

Things Required

Rifle Peep Sight 

The most and the only important thing you will need is a rifle peep sight. Well, all peep sights have the same function but there are some slight changes in every peep sight. Just to name, you can find ghost ring sights or Talley sights with different levels of adjustment levels. It’s on you which one you choose. I think no matter which type of sight you are going to choose, the end objective is going to be the same.

The peep sights require you to aim through a small circle to acquire and shoot your target. They use your eye’s natural ability to peer through the small circle. If you have multiple rifles then I will suggest you save money by installing peep sights on your rifles, as the holographic, red dot, and other sights will become too expensive to equip to every rifle you own.

The peep sights are the old and reliable options which will never fail you. You can easily pick up any peep sights under a $50 budget. We talked a lot about peep sights, now let get started on how to use peep sights.

Choosing The Right Size Peep Sight

First of all, You need to choose the right size peep sight for your aperture. The peep sight size is the size of the hole you will be aiming through. There are a lot of peep sights available in different sizes.

We will assume that you are using the smallest sizes.

Sizes range from: fine .040″, medium .070″, standard .096″, large .125″, and x-large .155″.

The reason I’m asking you to go for the smaller aperture is that it will reduce the odds for error. You just compare aperture sizes while aiming. Whereas a large peep sight gives greater wiggle room so it’s more difficult to center the halfway pin and thus gives a large margin of error


How To Install Your Peep Sight?

Once you are done with finding the appropriate peep sight for the rifle. Just follow the installation instructions which come along the peep sight. Keep in mind some of the following things while installing it.

Initially, when you will first install your peep sight, it will not be lined up with the rifle’s trajectory right off. You will have to manipulate the peep sight so your center and the line of sight is up for your shot.

This will take some initial practice before you get it done right.

The second important thing is to keep the peep sight parallel to the axis of the gun barrel.

Now you have to align the sight properly. I personally use a shooting rest that can lock the gun in one place. Start alignment by setting the zoom know to as low as possible.  You can manage it later on and do the adjustments accordingly.

You will find 2 knobs labeled U and L ( For Up & Left ). You can use these to make adjustments to the locked-down rifle. You’re done now. You can take your rifle and fire it on your own.


How to Use Peep Sights?

Peep sights are interesting and every shooter should be known with “how to use peep sights?”

Some of these amazing peep sights are fun like you will like shooting your targets very quickly with these peep sights. Good for up to a distance of 200 yards.

Now comes the question of how to use the peep sight?

The first thing is to get your face as close as possible to the rear sight peephole. New shooters generally do the mistake of holding their faces too far from the peep sight. It lowers accuracy.

I recommend them to be as close to the peephole as you can. This will give you an advantage over precision shots and also it is one of the keys behind being a good shooter with peep sights.

I hope the above video gave you a complete idea of what I’m talking about. Once you are all aligned, all you have to do is to place the end sight centered with the peep sight and pull the trigger.


Commonly Asked Questions

What size peep sight should I use?

If you’re just starting out and have no experience with peep sights always go with the smallest aperture. It’s the most reliable and accurate way to go. Even those experienced with these sights often choose the smallest aperture as well.

Once you’re comfortable with that you can experiment with larger peep sights but most people tend to stick with or go back to the smallest aperture.

Where should you install your peep sight? The peep sight is going to replace any rear sight on your rifle. It’s the first sight your eye will focus through. Replace your iron sight with your new peep sight. You can remove the other open sight leaves etc. from your barrel if you had one as well.

What size peep sight is best for hunting? – If your target is further than 200 yards out you may want to consider using a scope. If it’s within iron sight distance you’ll be just fine using the smallest aperture peep sight. Going with a small peep sight will give you a more accurate shot and you’ll acquire your shot quickly.

Are there peep sights for Picatinny rails? – Yes, there are different peep sights for Picatinny rails. You can have the sight connected to the rail base or pop up peep sight attached to the rail. Here are a few options.


I hope this article helped you learn how to use peep sights. They’re a sight everyone should learn how to use and if you’ve got multiple rifles they’re affordable to equip to each one. These are highly accurate sights that more people are beginning to come back to. Red dot sights may be flashy and fun but it’s hard to beat someone experienced with peep sights.

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