How To Sight In A Red Dot Scope? Best Guide

Have you got a red dot scope too? Do you know how to sight in a red dot? Only to mount a red dot and shoot on a long-distance target is not enough, you cant shoot a bulls-eye just by adding this if you are not a professional. Hopefully, you can add a scope too for the best performance.

Many myths are going around the market about the red dot scope and its uses. If you think only this can help to improve your skill then welcome to the club. Just follow some of the instructions given below to get the best result f the red dot.

The thing you need to know about red dot scope:-

The red dot is depending upon the gun you used. If it is a handgun then it should be small in size and if in a rifle then size increase accordingly. But for beginners, you can u see any simple red dot without any magnification. A red dot with a magnifier is also available you can also use this.

Paper Targets  – There are many paper targets are available in the market. It costs nearly around 10-20 dollars. But if you have a printer then you can download some pictures from the internet and simply print it. Try to get a 1-inch grid in the background which is the best option for beginners.

Flat Head Screwdriver – Most of the scopes need to adjust tightly on the gun so you need screwdrivers to adjust it every time whenever you need to reinstall.

Ear Protection – This is very important f you are new so that it can protect your ear. Sometimes it damages the year or a harmful impact on you. As the gunshot is not very high if you are an old player in this game.

How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope?

We also put some youtube videos for a better understanding to make it practical. But if you still want to know a few more things then let’s go ahead.

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#1 Safety First

The first important should be the safety of the user no matter the target misses on not. There is a famous phrase “Treat never Keep Kepp“. It means Treat every weapon as if it were loaded. Never aim at anything you don’t intend to hurt. Keep your finger straight and along with the receiver until ready to fire. Keep the weapon on safe until there is a need. These basic steps can prevent any accident during the shooting range. Also, use goggles and ear covers.

#2 Hang Target

This helps to make your target accurately. Either you are in a range or at the self-practice area you need to hang a target and also its distance from your firing position. Many users set their target for the AR to 50 yards. Although it’s on you whatever distance you want. Approx every bullet travels at least 50 yards straight but if you increase your range then you need to understand the projectile path for your bullet before trigger. For the handguns, its distance is decreased to 25 yards.

#3 Fire

In beginning, it is obvious to waste some bullet but your accuracy should be at least 33%. One in a 3 shot fired should be at the center. If your burst shot is near to each other then it is a time for other things to learn. If not then keep practicing before going to other steps.

#4 Make Adjustments

After firing you get to know that where your red dot print and where you gun actually shoot. So it’s time to use your screwdriver and fix it to the exact position. You can also adjust your grid on the target board to easily understanding your target and its accuracy.

Help:- For adjusting your scope vertically you can read our guide of “How to adjust your scope vertically?“.

So we are not discussing a lot about the concept of scope.

#5 Fire

Now everything is ready and you are ready to aim. If you think your aim is right and you properly wear the required gears then you are ready to shoot. Sometimes it takes few more shots to adjust the red dot so don’t worry after a few rounds of firing you can adjust your scope.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I mount a red dot scope? – We have a guide that will show you step by step how to mount your scope to your rifle.

What does “1 MOA = 1 click” mean? – An MOA (Minute of Angle) is the unit of measurement to calculate the amount of adjustment needed to move the impact point a certain distance. In this guide we use 1 MOA @ 50 yards is equal to a ½ inch of our grid paper.

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It is simply clear that you need some time to adjust your scope. Next time you can fire without an adjustment. Only if no one changes its orientation or some other movement. We hope you learn how to sight in a red dot scope.

Take it easy and fire on your target once you adjust it, then only you need to do the practice.

Hope you like our article and get to know the right way to adjust your red dot.

Happy Hunting!!!

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