How To Sight In a Pellet Gun Scope In 5 Steps?

Do you want to know how to sight in a pellet gun scope? Well, I’m here to help you out in this case.

Before actually getting into it, we need to get some things together so that we can easily create the “perfect” control environment and get your shots as accurate as we can.

It is going to be very easy and simple, you can do it at your home as most of the things required in this can be found on your home.


sight in a pellet gun


6 Things You’re Going to Need:

Eye protection

It is the most important thing, You have to use shooting or safety glasses while shooting. The attitude everyone has “It won’t happen with me” can bring some serious problems. Even in all shooting ranges, competitions will require you to have adequate eye protection glasses.


Control area

You need a safe indoor area that should be free from wind, even the little gist can disturb your accuracy. Slighter but this is going to be your control settings so you want it with higher accuracy. You can set up safe control areas at home if you have the range.


Target with a set distance

Yes, this is also required. I would ask you to go for a paper target with a retail bulls-eye target, a downloaded one from internet would also work. Then all you need is a point to aim at. I use a tape measure for the shorter distances and a rangefinder for longer distances.



It is also very important to stop your pellet from ricocheting, you can use a pellet trap or a sandbag behind the target to avoid this thing.  If you are shooting at a range then this will not matter.



It can also be helpful for measuring your improvements, you can use the marker to mark your shots each time.


Gun rest

Gun rest is important for the control factor again while shooting you want your gun to be as steady as possible, right?

In that case, you can use a rolled-up towel, a lead sled, or sandbags for that purpose.

Now as we’ve known almost every important thing, let’s get into zeroing the scope.


Sighting In Your Pellet Gun Scope

Step 1. Setting Up

The first step is to set your rifle on a leveled surface and then support it with your chosen rest. You have to make sure that the rifle is secure with very little movement. For the first control, we have to make sure the rifle is even hitting the target, so you have to set your target only 10-15 feet away and an appropriate backstop behind it.

I would mark a point at least two inches below the bulls-eye. For this much distance, you will be aiming for the bulls-eye but want to shot the mark which you just marked.


Step 2. First shots

Now, You have to aim your gun by putting your scope cross-har on your bulls-eye. I will recommend you to open up your magnification to the highest setting to get the biggest view of your target,

Go for the first shot, I hope you will be on the paper somewhere, if you missed then we need to find out where your shot are going.


Step 3. Adjustment

You just leave your gun pointed where it was with the cross-hair. Now, the first thing you need to do is to adjust your windage know and put the cross-hair left or right. So that it comes in line with the first shot.

Then you have to adjust your elevation knob and place that cross-har directly on your first shot. It was the cross-hair that moved every time.


Step 4. Second Shots

Well, as now your scope is zeroed in for your first actual shot, you just aim the gun back on to the bulls-eye and put the cross-hair on bulls-eye, and go for the shot.

This time, you must be pretty close. You have to keep in mind that this shot should be about two inches below the actual bulls eye. Now we can move the target back.


Step 5. Moving The Target

The last step is to move your target back to the 10 yards and just repeat the above 4-steps. It will not take that much time of the first round and with some more rounds, you will feel more confident with the better and more accurate shots.


Common Questions

1. Why do we start the control at 10 feet?

We recommend it so that we can make sure that you are hitting the target, as most of the times when a scope is mounted on your rifle, it can be way off. So the targets which are near and a close shooting range can help you in hitting the target from the beginning.


2. What is the normal range to sight in your scope?

The normal range should be about half the distance of your maximum shot. So assuming the max target for your rifle be 50 yards, you should sight in at somewhere between 20-30 yards. This will give you a comfortable range and better accuracy.



I hope my simple and quick guide on How To Sight In a Pellet Gun Scope helped you in some way or another. I consider it a very simple thing, just some practice and you will be hitting the bulls-eye with every shot you do.

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