How To Measure Revolver Barrel Length?

Are you still confuse about measuring the barrel of a revolver? Maybe before today, you measure the wrong length of your revolver. As different guns have different barrel lengths. Handguns barrel is easy to measure but not the same as in revolver. Whatever you did before today, we will guide you to how to measure revolver barrel length.

It is very important to take a safety measure before doing that. To avoid any accident remove every bullet from the revolver and put it in safe mode.

Quick Overview:

To measure the length be ensure the chamber should be empty and also no magazine in the gun. After you need a rod-like structure, put it into the barrel and mark the muzzle point. Remove the rod and measure the length with a scale.

Very easy and simple, no need, and technical detail. Just a simple trick and you can able to find the detail about your gun. Very Easy!!

Is there any need to know Barrel Length?

If you are a good shooter then of course need to know about your gun. There is still some confusion about the longer barrel help to increase accuracy or consistency. But other cases also clear that accuracy doesn’t depend upon the barrel length but yes your range may be affected.

how to measure revolver barrel length

Longer barrel with gun powder create more pressure and eject with high velocity. This will obviously increase the impact on the target.

The barrel length may help to control the recoil so many users want a long one. If you want self-defense then you need a short barrel length gun.

You can read our guide on the best handguns for women and handguns with small barrel lengths.

So some concealed guns have small barrel but have similar accuracy, you can choose any one of them for more reliability.

Safety Precautions

Before measuring the chamber should be empty and in safe mode.

First, use an ejector rod to ensure no round in barrel, and dit should be pointed in the safe direction. Also, try to make your finger at a safe distance from the trigger.

The last thing is to decock it when it’s all unloaded if you need to. To do it safely without dry firing, simply hold the hammer back and pull the trigger and let the hammer rest against the gun gently.

How To Measure Barrel Length of Revolver?

To measure the length you need to get a dowel rod to insert inside the barrel. Now mark the point at which it equal to the muzzle length. Get the rod out and simply measure the length with any measuring scale.

You can get a dowel rod easily in a gun cleaning kit.

Always keep in mind that you don’t need to see inside the barrel hole. No matter how important it is or only after fully insure the empty chamber.

The cross-sectional area should be equal to the size of the barrel otherwise it can fell deep into the other parts. So it measures the wrong length of the barrel. This will be the easiest and most accurate way to ensure you obtain the proper barrel length.

Barrel Pressure And Velocity

The pressure and velocity are measured by various measurements from your gun. These numbers may also depend upon the user and how they fire in the situation.

So don’t try to do it at home or in absence of experts, it can break your unique part of the gun. This may need to replace the gun or buy some components of the gun.

The Verdict

Now you know how to measure revolver barrel length and also the importance of it. Need to measure the length and also impact of length on firing at a target. Next time when anyone needs to measure you can help them too. And also more you know more secure you will become with it.

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