How To Hold An AR-15? – 2022 Updates

This is the most popular rifle in the world as well as the US. This is the first basic rifle used by almost every gun lover. Inflow and excitement many people go out and buy one of them but unfortunately, they forget to know a few basic things before buying the AR-15. Many users face the problem of adjusting the scope and a few even don’t know how to hold an AR-15. Few are known to this but still need to hold the rifle in the best way possible.

If you earn something good then it’s ok but we will guide you on how to hold an AR to ensure safety, accuracy, and stability. There is some specific tip which you need to know. These positions also ensure to gain a lot of comforts while switching that mode adjusting scope, changing mag, etc.

We separate every point to a quick answer and then a more detailed breakdown of the best way to hold an AR-15.

The Verdict – How To Hold An Ar-15

To hold the gun you need to choose either one side, the best way is to choose the hand which you use to write. And also adjust your eyes accordingly.

how to hold an ar 15

The other hand should hold the rifle barrel to control the horizontal and vertical position of the gun. The stock should be kept closer to your shoulder so that your body can control the recoil.

Otherwise, you may hurt with the recoil of the gun. The barrel should be parallel to the ground to get a clear shot and get maximum efficiency of the gun. Generally, 400-600 meters is the effective range of a gun.

Warning: Always get a strong stopping position of your bullet behind the target to ensure the safety of humans and animals. Because many experts consider that 5.56 or .223 caliber bullet has enough energy to travel 2-3 mile.

How To Hold An AR-15 Step by Step:-

In this part, we will go through each point in detail and how it can impact your performance and safety with the rifle. You can read points and for reference, you can watch videos for visual action.

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#1 Primary Eye and Hand

First of you need to select the dominant hand and eye. They should be aligned with each other. Some time left dominant eye people face some issue with that.


To find your dominant eye, ring your arms out fold to make a triangular-shaped window and slightly move toward your nose. You’ll notice one of two things. One eye quickly takes over in looking through the window at the object, or your hands unconsciously move towards one of your eyes.

Now you got your dominant eye, mostly your dominant eye is similar to the side which you use to write. In some cases, this may be different but you need to practice with your same side of the eye which you use to hold the grip and trigger.

Ex- If you use your right hand to write then you should use your right hand to hold the grip and pull the trigger. So use your right eye otherwise you may face some issues.

#2 Nose Always Forward

The opposite leg of your dominant eye should at least one set than the other. This gives a solid platform to hold the gun. The step should not belong, normal just like you are walking ahead.

The nose should be straight aligned to your toe of the leg which steps forward. This is a comfortable position and ready position to aim the rifle while resting the stock on the shoulder. If you feel uncomfortable you can shift your forward leg to the desired distance to make a better balance.

#3 Rest The Grip Your Dominant Hand’s Palm

Hold the grip with your dominant hand. Keep in mind that its balance should be on all not on your grip or finger. It is common so you can do it like this whenever next time you go to hold the rifle.

Hold it lightly with your finger so you can pull the trigger easily and whenever you want. Some time in a sudden action your tight finger grip can make a reason to fire an unwanted shot.

Remember- Always put your safety mode on when you do not use your weapon for firing. Never put your finger on your trigger.

#4 Use The Hand/Barrel Guard

The other hand is generally used for aiming at a target. But it also needs some guard on the barrel so that it doesn’t harm your hand while holding the hot bars. If you are holding the barrel near your dominant hand then it can only be helpful if your rifle has a short barrel.

If you still hold your barrel closely you cannot make your gun stable, make it shakier, which dramatically decreases your accuracy and precision.

Spreading your hands out is much more comfortable and stable.

#5 Tuck It In That Shoulder

First of all, this should be clear that the recoil is very less in the AR-15. Like other AR 10 and other caliber rifles. But still, there is recoil which you have to handle.

If you do a rapid-fire in range, so minimum recoil can affect your target. To reduce this problem you need to tuck your stock with your shoulder closer as you can.

It should be the same shoulder as the hand that’s holding the grip. Holding it loosely may affect your capability, and also pain on your shoulder or any series of damage.

#6 Keep It Parallel And Straight

The position of your rifle should be parallel to the ground level. This also helps to absorb the recoil, and sometimes decrease the muzzle rise when fire.

In movies, it shows very well that rifle fire when tilting at any angle. But practically it is very difficult to handle, fire, and stabilize.

Conclusion – How To Hold An AR-15

We hope you like our article and get to know them better and the exact way to hold your rifle. This is widely used in the US for aiming, shooting, self-defense, etc.

Always remember to follow some safety tips so that it doesn’t fire an unwanted shot. It also makes you and your nearby people safe.

You can also read our other guides like cleaning kit to handle your ar perfectly. For greater stability, you can choose a muzzle for your AR so that it can enhance your performance and control the recoil.

Happy Hunting!!!

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