How To Clean Handgun/ Gun Cleaning?

Maintenance!!! This is the most important word when you buy anything. Many people do it very carefully and few don’t even think about how to clean handgun. This is the major fault of the gun owner, not to give proper attention to their arms. For guns, you need to think properly before buying the best gun cleaning kit.

The number one rule is safety. There is a lot of cases of accidental damage while cleaning the gun. This is totally reduced by using safety measures and accurate steps.

Performing a safety check is always a mandatory first step that should be done and re-done as a double or triple check to guarantee a clear and safe firearm.

There is a huge market for a cleaning kit. Some of them are useless and also a waste of money. Here we bring this guide to you. Now you don’t have to waste the money on the bad stuff and here is some basic information. On why proper gun care is important, what to look for when buying a kit. This article is going to be big so covered a lot of information.

Why it is important to clean your guns?

A Clean Gun could be a Safe Gun. The internet can be a source of misinformation. One such rumor that often surfaces, related to gun cleaning, is that you don’t need to clean your gun for it to function properly. While it’s true you do not need to clean your gun every time you use it. It does not mean that you never need to clean your firearms.

Over time, firearms can be damaged by buildup, corrosion, and rust, and even just regular friction as parts rub together. Regular cleaning can help maintain all the moving parts inside your firearm, stop it from jamming, and keep it functioning for years to come and in the main time, it will work like a new one. It is imperative that you just keep your firearm clean.

Multiple firings cause the powder residue and other grime and gases to create up within the action and on the barrel. Over time, this will affect the performance of your gun, which might become unreliable and unpredictable in terms of performance.
There are many ways you can clean your gun like a manual or automatic i.e. first you disassemble it and then clean each part or just put some oil and move its parts so that the dirt gets removed from the gun. Since many firearm buyers purchase their guns for self-defense, the gun must operate at peak performance when. Clean your gun as soon as possible after firing to stay it working like new.

What to check before buying the gun cleaning kit-

HOW to clean handgun

Generally, the best gun cleaning kit is that can able to clean almost every type of gun. Sometimes all the features are available in the same kit but if you don’t want to spend a lot of amount on this then you can also buy the tool separately. For that, we separate describe every part too below in this section for the convenience of the users.

A kit contains bore cleaning tools, such as bore brushes, nylon brushes, bore mops, cleaning jags, and/or slotted tips, rods, and cleaning patches. You’ll also want the kit to include more general tools like utility brushes, cleaning swabs, and ideally a set of cleaning picks.

Lastly, you will need a gun cleaning solvent and gun oil. While many kits have the oil and some have not even the essential kits, so this is one of the items you will likely need to buy separately.

Few essential kits should present while cleaning:-

Allen Deluxe Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kits

Bronze Bore

This is the main tool to clean the barrel and long bore guns. The heavy and hard rust or dirt get cleaned by this. A quality kit comes in many sizes that can clean different radius of the barrel. Bronze is rough but not that much so it extracts or scratches the barrel from inside and makes a problem while pulling the trigger.

Brushes Nylon Brushes

This is soft brush use to clean the dirt and some light particle, sometimes also used to clean the area where fingers can not go easily and without scratching and component.

Cleaning Swabs

This is quite similar to the nylon brushes but instead of nylon. You have a cloth for gentle cleansing in the last to remove even a smaller particle that is not visible. Some time also used to dry the weapon and remove the extra oil which can lead to collecting dirt into it.

Cleaning Jag

Cleaning jags are thin rods made from nickel, brass, or plastic. This is used to the final touch to the barrel, remove any solvent and grease. Because the left solvent or liquid can lead to corrosion.

Cleaning Patches

This is normally a soft piece of cloth, used by jag. This is important as it will empty very fastly for big guns like AR or Shotguns.

Slotted Tip Patch Holder

This is the alternative of cleaning jag used for short barrels up to 5″. They’re cheaper to make they tend to be found in lower quality kits. Choosing a slotted tip or a jag is up to you what you have or what you want to buy.

Cotton Swabs/Cleaning Swabs

The simple and normal soft cloth used to clean the outer surface when cleaned with any solution or to remove the extra leaked oil so that it doesn’t make you had dirty.

Double-End/Double Sided/Single-Sided Utility Brushes

This is something like a toothpaste brush so you can use that too. Apart from this, the different sizes help to clean any of the parts like piston, chamber, magazine, and other mechanical parts.

Cleaning Rods

This rod helps to clean the longer tubes like a 16″ AR barrel. These attach to the cleaning tools listed above and allow you to feed your cleaning tools down the bore of the firearm. There are also variant styles of cleaning rods, and new flexible cleaning rods have now become popular. Rather than using metal rods that are heavy and need to be stored properly. But some guns need to be cleaned by traditional rods only.

Cleaning Solvent

It is used to clean your firearm easily and from both the side inside or outside. This solvent is also used to polish the stock of shotguns or guns having wooden texture.


It provides easy performance of the mechanical parts and works well. It acts mainly as a lubricant for all the mechanical elements within the firearm, and on top of that, it helps prevent corrosion.

Some Extra Tools For cleaning Guns-

Bore Snake

Bore snakes are another tool used for giving your gun a quick clean. These shouldn’t replace traditional cleaning tools, but buying a bore snake in the caliber of your firearm can certainly come at a low price and easy to store.

Pin Punches

There are some pins that need to open with some kit but this universal device helps to open almost every gun.


This should be included in the kit but sometimes it doesn’t so you need to buy it separately according to the need of your gun.


Not a special thing but sometimes required to see through the smaller parts and help in the assembly and disassembly of the gun.

Do You Know How To Clean Handgun?

1. Unload and take away Bolt

Before cleaning any gun, open the action to form sure it’s unloaded, so read the owner’s the way to clean a gun manual for specific gun model instructions. Remove clips or magazines. put off the bolt in a very rifle, or lock open the action of a semi-auto rifle, tactical shotgun, or pistol. Brush up with any solvent, dry, clear, and also the bolt, confirms you to sweep the ejector also.

2. Swab Barrel

Set the cleaned bolt aside and dealing from the breach or chamber end. Only run a cleaning rod the way to clean a gun with an attached bronze brush soaked in gun solvent down the barrel and out the muzzle. Repeat this same action if the barrel is especially dirty.

3. Scrub Barrel

After the solvent soaks, run the solvent soaked bronze call down the barrel again several times to loosen the gunk within the barrel. Purists would enlighten unscrew the combat the muzzle at each stroke of the cleaning rod instead of pulling it to make a copy and out the chamber.

4. Run Barrel with Patches

Replace each the way to Clean a Guntime with a clean patch, and replace the patch again. Try this until you’re satisfied with the relative cleanliness of the patch. They’ll never take off completely white, but if they are available out black, with reminder blue and green, then keep cleaning. The solvent can turn plenty of barrels fowling bluish or green. Repeat the process much time for deeply clean, if you use the gun half a dozen times in a very season that’s after all much different than running 500 rounds through a .22 rimfire rifle, or a .223 AR rifle on the firing range, or a 9mm handgun doing police qualification shooting.

5. Apply Light Lubrication

M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil

Contrary to popular belief guns don’t perform well swimming in oil. Finally the swabbing and the way to scrub a Gun scrubbing, the barrel just needs a lightweight coat of rust prevention oil as does the bolt. Use a clean soft fabric with oil to wipe down all the metal surfaces of the gun.

We try this final step wearing those $1 brown cotton gloves to stay fingerprints from ending the metal before storage. If you do, add a packet of moisture desiccant within the case, otherwise, just prop the gun up safely locked in a very closet or secure area.

Reassemble the firearm and clean the outside area of the firearm using solvent and the soft gun cleaning cloth provided in your kit or you buy it separately.

6- Don’t Forget the Magazines

This is a very important part of your gun without your gun is just a piece of scrap. So like guns, this is very important to be cleaned. Its spring should be oiled well and also don’t settle the excess oil in its chamber.


As we know maintenance if anything is very important so it should be earned by every user to use it and clean it regularly. You can get a gun cleaning kit for the best result.

Happy Hunting!!!

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