Best Way To Conceal Carry With Shirt Tucked In

Are you someone who is thinking of carrying a concealed weapon in a business or a presentable appearance?

So you must be wondering what is the best way to conceal carry with a shirt tucked in? Well, I’m here to help you out.

Yes, It is possible for you to conceal carry with a shirt tucked in.

In the next few minutes, I will be covering everything which can help you to carry your firearm and keep you in business attire.

How to Conceal Carry With Shirt Tucked In?

You will need an inside waistband holster which is also known as an IWB holster. The key part of the IWB holster is the belt clip which will keep the holster attached to your belt and won’t allow any space to slip your shirt in between.

You will need an IWB holster that has an upside-down or “j” type of clip, the J type clip will clip on and you can easily tuck your shirt in between the clip and the IWB holster.

The second thing you can consider is going for two belt clips as it will enable you to avoid the constant bunching up of your clothing which can happen in a single belt clip holster.

You can follow different carrying positions which can reduce the risk, some of them are as follows:

conceal carry with shirt tucked in

The Carry Position

You can find a lot of different positions in which you can carry a gun, but if you are looking for carrying your gun holstered with your shirt tucked in then we will be talking about positions that occur at the waistline.

We will recommend you to choose in between the strong hip carry or the appendix carry as these are the most popular ways of carrying guns with a tucked-in shirt.

They both have their own pros and cons and that is up to you which one you will prefer. But I would say they both have a very fast drawing capacity you can grab your gun with either hand.

In the appendix carry, you will be having your firearm positioned in between your navel and your hip and when we talk about the strong hip carry then it will be somewhere on your hip.

You can choose which one of the following is going to be more comfortable for you and your body type.

Just to make things more clear, I’m adding a video so that you can understand the different types of carries and the different holsters available on the market.


The J Clipped Holster

If you talk about the best IWB holster then the J clipped holster is always on the top of the list. It is the best IWB holster option to set up with a shirt that can tuck in your shirt.

As mentioned earlier, the upside-down J will create space between the clip and the holster so that you can tuck in the shirt without getting stopped by the holster.


Minimizing Risk

Using appendix carry or even strong hip carry closer to the 2 o clock position increase risks from reholstering the gun because it does point the barrel of the gun towards sensitive areas of the body. As with all things that have risk involved we always want to do our best at risk management. One tip to minimize the risk of an accidental or negligent discharge hitting you at all is to rock your head and upper body backward. This will reposition your body in relation to the gun and ideally cause the bullet to hit somewhere behind your feet, as opposed to your privates or your thigh.

Although rare, one man died from attempting to reholster his gun in the appendix carry with a shot to his femoral artery in the thigh.

It is tough to tell if it was negligent or accidental but the story teaches us to always practice holstering and reholstering with an unloaded pistol until it is second nature and also to ensure the retention is not so tight that it has any danger of affecting the trigger.

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