Best Tactical Shotgun for Self-Defense in 2022

If we talk about self-defense then most of the experts will advise having small firearms or knives but sometimes it is quite difficult to have one of them. Shotguns are one of the best alternatives for that, we know that size of a tactical shotgun has some issue but it is the best for self-defense and at reasonable costs.

In this guide, I will discuss and explain the best tactical shotguns for your need and can also help to protect your mentions.



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Why Shotguns for home or self-defense?

Ammo Options

If we choose the shotguns it will allow to use a different type of shots like birdshot, buckshot, and single slugs. It simply means that you have a lot of options in your gun to use for, like hunting or aiming the target, etc. Easy to reload and faster and effective execution.

12 gauge comparison

What do you mean by a tactical shotgun?

Click here for GIF Source. It simply means that how many ways you can use your shotguns. Why to chose the old classic shotguns if you have multi-functional arms? Of course, no one will choose that old shit.

Barrel length

The barrel differentiates between shotguns and tactical shotguns. Under U.S. federal law, the minimum barrel length for a shotgun is 18″ and the minimum overall length is 26″. So you need to buy in the same range and greater effectiveness. Shorter the barrel faster the execution.


it simply means the size of the barrel and its capacity- higher the gauge greater the damage and lower the capacity of the guns. Usually measured by caliber. 12 gauge is most used tactical shotguns and having any gun is better than barehand.


The old classic way of the bolt can be a little messy due to its slower reload. Since in the hard situation the semi-auto or fully auto guns are the best options. Every time you pull the trigger you can fire on the target. They’re also lighter recoiling because some of the energy is used to repeat the action. So I suggest having a semi-auto or full-auto for the best results.


For security purposes, everyone prefers for the high capacity guns but with the shotguns, you may have that issue of capacity. So always look for high capacity so that it doesn’t affect the weight of the machine. As the barrels are large so no guns load more than 8-10 bullet at a time like assault rifles and pistols. Magzine types are tube and external boxes so we highly suggest having a tube magazine shotguns.

Stocks and Butts

While most shotguns have a stock which increases the gun length some time creating a problem but if you are kind of skinny type then you should have stocks. The main function of stocks is to decrease the recoil of the gun and increase the chance to hit the target. The recoil of shotguns is much more than simple or other guns. So I prefer accurateness and comfort over maneuverability without stock.

Extra Accessories

Many people want some other equipment to attach with their guns for more safety and also make their guns more advanced and useful. For a minimum, it should have a red dot and flashlight for any conditions. Extra bullet shack can be cool than holding in a pocket or in an external box.

I think that’s enough intro and requirement of shotguns before buying one of them and let’s start from the cheapest one:-

List of the best tactical shotgun in the market:-

1- Mossberg 500 & 590 Tactical Shotgun Models

Mossberg 590

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Lets first have a look om the most affordable series of guns which is pump-action, which needs manual reloading. Mossberg’s 500 Tactical and 590 Tactical shotguns used by US forces and other armed forces for so long.

These are best for normal users and also help to protect your mansion in the best way. The 590 (and 590A1) models are generally used for heavy-duty uses. Its barrels are quite impressive and also fro rough uses and durability. The 590model is quite superior to another one by holding some more shots and a good hand grip for reloading.

Their safety features are located on the top of the stock and quite comfortable for the user. The grip can be more comfortable but it’s fine. Stock is not removable but advised to use it with that.

Mossberg 590A1 18.5″

This model is quite classical using 12 gauge having a long 18.5″ barrel and can be best for a single slug shot. For longer range than usual. The sight of the gun is good and better to see through it. This pump-action has proven since long, easily handle for self and home defense needs.

Both of the models are good and quite similar but except the barrel length and capacity which is not a big deal good for every use. Either for games or for defense since it uses 12 gauge so easily available and cheap too. Upgrades include a heavy-walled barrel, metal trigger guard, and metal safety buttons.

Some Features:-

  • Barrel Length – 18.5″ and 20″ optional
  • Overall Length – 39.5″ – 41″
  • Weight – 7 lbs
  • Capacity – 7-9 (Few models)
  • Stock- Fixed Synthetic
  • Action Type– Pump-Action Shotgun

2- Mossberg Maverick 88

Mossberg meverick 88

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Don’t want to spend more or tight on budget then this is especially for you. No matter how much you have to spend, you have to secure yourself from the external dangers. Belive from Mossberg and the same durability, lighter smaller and cheap but it doesn’t mean it gives a light pain to the enemy.

This Maverick is quite similar to Mossberg 500 but at half of the price. this has features like dual extractors, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator which is similar to the Mossberg 500. Since it is not much upgradable is available and added accessories as others have. But one thing is good is the accessories of other models will be fit in it.

The safety features are near the trigger and this is one of the most interesting things in it. Stock is similar to the pistols and sidearms. There is no features like iron-sight and others. So you need to use some other product to nake it like that like tactical rail mount that will allow you to add scope or red-dot and carry extra bullets. As we said before barrel should be shorter for greater maneuverability.

Either for games or for defense since it uses 12 gauge so easily available and cheap too. Upgrades include a heavy-walled barrel, metal trigger guard, and metal safety buttons. Finally, if low on the budget then goes for it.

Some Features:-

  • Overall Length – 39.5″
  • Barrel- 12 Gauge / 20 Gauge
  • Capacity- 5+1
  • Sight- Bead Sights
  • Weight- 6.25-7lbs

3- Benelli M2 Tactical Shotgun

Benelli M2 Tactical Shotgun

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If we ignore its price for the while Benelli makes the best tactical shotguns for every use. Their pump-action shotguns are popular variants, their semi-auto area also what they famous for. The Benelli M2 is our pick for the best defense guns, one of the best semi-automatic machines in our list.

This is one of the most durable devices we have ever seen runs for a longer time and can be stored for the next generations too. This built like a soft use but not really that, if compared to the Mossberg this is quite light and looks so advanced too like a model car which is cooler than vintage cars. Feel so well when using this, the advanced system used in this is amazingly fast, easy to clean, and also to operate that make it lighter than other systems.

With all the other features its safety features are behind the trigger some time annoying but it’s very fast enough for the advanced users. Other than this, I think all the positives of the M2, M3, and M4 more advanced than this downside.

Benelli M2 Tactical Features:-

  • Barrel- 18.5″
  • Length- 39.75″
  • Weight- 6.7 lbs
  • Ammo- 12 Gauge
  • Capacity- 5+1
  • Sight-  Ghost Ring or Open Rifle Sights
  • Stock- Available

4- Mossberg 930 Tactical Shotgun

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Lots of the same brand’s guns but we are bounded to put this brand in our list. Actually this brand has a special interest in making domestic firearms.

This is one of the most interesting part in this list this 930 model is semi-automatic while others are pump-action. This makes it fast reloading and reliability. But in some cases due to low-powered ammo and some time reloading automatically may disturbed, not a big deal you can manually reload it. The birdshot is performing very well and other shots too.

Many other guns have no issue with semi-auto versions, the price of the 930 SPX is costlier than other pump-action guns. Other than this, the 930 SPX is still very affordable compared to competitors like the Benelli shotguns which is in the list below. Easy handling and well-sized by side-mounted charging stock. You can feel it like a small arm.

The ring rear sight and the front sight are great, the rail mounted on top allows you to add a red dot or holographic lens. Some features of sigh its similar to the AR. The 2 variants of stock make it comfortable for each and every type of user.

Mossberg 930 SPX Features and Info:-

  • Barrel Length- 18.5″
  • Length- 38″ or 39″
  • Bullets- 12 Gauge
  • Capacity- 7+1
  • Sight- Ring Sight
  • Weight- 7.25-7.5 lbs

5- Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

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The M4 is another semi-automatic shotgun from Benelli. Designed and adopted by the U.S. Marine Corps. Instead of the rotating system, this M4 Benelli has a gas-operated system and removes the problem of reloading with low powered ammo but now this gas-operated barrel vanishes the problem.

Unlike other semi-automatic guns the Benelli Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) system having a short-stroke dual-pistol design. These features also help for faster cleaning and for a longer period of time. The proof of its quality is this is majorly used by U.S. marines which proven its reliability.

Since the quality is much more special than M2, as it costs $600 more so I prefer to use M2 if you don’t want to invest more in guns. Benelli M2 has been proven its capability for a long time before. The top rail is inbuild with this so no additional things required.

Benelli M4 Features and Info:-

  • Barrel- 18.5″
  • Length- 40″
  • Weight- 7.8 lbs
  • Ammo- 12 Gauge
  • Capacity- 5+1
  • Sight-  Ghost Ring
  • Stock- Picatinny Rail and Pistol Grip

6- Remington 870

Remington 870

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This is another very popular pump-action shotgun in this series, including many other tactical modes for home and self-defense. This is almost the same as the Mossberg and price is also sam but many other new features in Remington have.

The safety button is just behind the trigger make it Lizzy sometimes. That my the only difference in these two guns. The Remington 870 does gain durability with its steel receiver, compared to Mossberg’s alloy receiver. The 870 is quite heavy and worse in carrying around but for the home use its steel body is suitable overall.

The tactical model holds a 5+1 capacity of 18.5″ barrel length. Finally, it said if you want a greater grip then go for the Mossberg otherwise this 870 is best and also cheaper than that costly one.

Remington 870 Features and Info:-

  • Barrel- 18.5″
  • Length- 40″
  • Weight- 7.6 lbs
  • Ammo- 12 Gauge
  • Capacity- 5+1
  • Sight-  Ghost Ring
  • Stock- Pistol Grip



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Last but not the least this is the most advanced shotgun that looks like an AR short barrel and low weight. Best tactical shotgun for self-defense. Since all the others have a large barrel but this is very short.

The KSG is a bullpup shotgun, mean its mechanize is located behind the trigger. The design of bullpups allows for much shorter overall lengths. Capacity is just amazing 14+ which can be done through dual magazine tubes.

Some will argue there were some issues with 1st generation KSGs, but the vast majority of KSG owners praise newer models. If it is not overall the best but at least it has a large capacity of 14 shots.

Which tactical shotgun should choose?

Finally, we would love to say that semiautomatic is the best option but its costs you a lot more than compared to the pump-action. Either M2 or M4 is best to choose if go for the semi-automatic and other than this Mossberg is the best if going to choose a pump-action tactical shotgun.

Finally, our best suggestion is KEL-TEC KSG for greater maneuverability and because of its bullet capacity.

Happy Hunting!

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