10 Best Handgun in 2022 – 9mm Pistols

The word “best handguns” is one of the most used words in the world of firearms. When this word arises the only one thing comes in our mind and that is 9mm ammo.

It is the most popular ammo in the market and the best options for self-defense, combat, and any other purposes. If we talk about best handguns then mostly everyone will suggest 9mm pistols. Now, let’s know about handguns and their capabilities.


Why Choose a 9mm pistols for best handguns?

If we will discuss the 9mm then it will take so long so let’s move to some of the important aspects of the 9mm ammo.

Easy to shoot-

The size is very effective and low weight, this makes the soldier carry lots of bullets in the same space as compared to the other caliber bullets. And also to load more rounds at a single time in the magazines. This type of ammo is used by the armed force on a very large scale.

More accurate and faster-

The research shows that 9mm is much more accurate and has a high velocity than other sizes of bullets. 9mm provides a noob shooter to make a correct aim on the target and make them as a skilled shooter.


Since the higher, the use of 9mm means that the bullets should be available at much quantity and this also lowers the cost of the product. Availability is always in the market not like other .45 ACPs. It costs near about 35% low cost than ACPs. If you are buying it a bulk then you will also get at a lower price and may have some discounts too.

Here are the few benefits too-

  • Less recoil.
  • Cheap.
  • Availability
  • Accuracy
  • Velocity

So enough intro, here are our top picks best handguns:-

List of Best Handguns/Best 9mm pistols:-


It has seen so common to have a Glock on the first number and the reason is the manufacturer of this product is very busy in making lots of guns, as most of the armed forces all around use this, and the U.S. armed forces too. The long magazine also makes everyone fall for this. 

Some long magazine also exists with more than 50 round of bullets in the single reload. It is one of the most successful versions due to its many capabilities and smart look too. Sometimes it may count in the categories of the semi-automatic machine gun.


Some other pros-

It made of simple polymer use for long life and a long time too, the quality makes it available to produce for a longer period of time, this simply results in it’s more affordable than other metal body guns. Since coping with the same strategy of material many other brands use polymer body guns.

The durability of this product is very high and its spare parts are also available. In the test, it passed more than 1000 rounds of bullets and after that, it required maintenance.

Most of the Glocks are highly customizable and very easy to clean and oil it. The handle is also highly appreciatable by its almost every user. We know very well that magazines have less time span than guns so don’t worry about it, their parts are also available very easily like guns and bullets too.

After all of this, it said that Glocks are very bulky and ugly too. If you expect the premium look than this is not for you. Grip angle may give some problem for the left-handed people or people with different needs. Sights can be more comfortable without using red dots or holo. Apart from this, you don’t have any reason not to buy it.

Glock -19 5th Gen

After researching a lot we find this to be the best among all the Glocks. If you decide finally that you have to buy a Glock than go for it. Perfect gun not sure for every need and every type of user. Use to carry secretly and also some fun at the shooting range. 

Some like previous versions some bugs are fixed like grip textures and some other small things. Better than Gen4 in every way. If still you want some other options in Glock then you can go through the below handguns.

Comparison Chart

Glock 17
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7.95″
  • Barrel – 4.49″
  • Height – 5.47″
  • Capacity – 17
glock 19 5th gen
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7.28″
  • Barrel – 4.02″
  • Height – 5.04″
  • Capacity – 15
glock 26
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 6.42″
  • Barrel – 3.43″
  • Height – 4.17″
  • Capacity – 10
glock 43
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 6.06″
  • Barrel – 3.41″
  • Height – 4.25″
  • Capacity 6

2- SIG Sauer P320

The light version of guns used by forces so that to be used by the normal people. Since many high authorities complained about the safety features in it and then the problem solved by the company itself. But now no need to worry everything is fine now and that problem was solved earlier. And the good news was there are no complaints filed against it from the upgraded version of the P320.

One of the choice gun by the experts for roughly the same price as Glocks 17. But in this, you can get a better trigger option, better iron sight.

sig sauer p320 full

Here are some pros:-

The design was very modular means no one can copy it and make the duplicate part of it. This unique frame also helps to change the barrel length according to wish and need.

Easily customizable due to the huge market in all over the world. Parts are easily available throughout the stores. Grips are now upgraded and texture is also improved so that it may attract the other users or who is a new player.

3 line sight helps for good aiming even the newcomers and its compatibility make it easier to shoot on the target. And the most important thing is, it looks cook and premium.

Here are some other varients you can like to have-

sig sauer p320 full
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 8″
  • Barrel – 4.7″
  • Height – 5.5″
  • Capacity – 17
p320 compact
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7.2″
  • Barrel – 3.9″
  • Height – 5.3″
  • Capacity – 15

3-SIG Sauer P320 Rx

Not to say a lot of things for this, all the features of P320 and in addition to improved sight and steel sight to both side front and back. An additional red dot comes with it.

  • Few new features are:-
  • More adjustable elevation
  • brightness control with electronics features
  • weight is less than previous versions
  • Waterproof up to 1M
  • Durable in all weather condition

Comparison Chart

320 rx
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 8″
  • Barrel – 4.7″
  • Height – 6.3″
  • Capacity – 17
p320 rx compact
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7.2″
  • Barrel – 3.9″
  • Height – 6.1″
  • Capacity – 15
p320 x compact
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7″
  • Barrel – 3.6″
  • Height – 5.3″
  • Capacity – 15

4- SIG Sauer P365 

If you want to have a small compact device, not like Glock then definitely go for this. This pistol is shorter and thinner than any of the Glock, this holds even more 10-12 rounds of ammo. Best handguns and thinner, single stack pistol. If it fits in your need then don’t hesitate to think a lot just go for it. 

The trigger is more e=comfortable for new users and gives a premium feel. In this time full of danger and chaos one should carry these small pistols for self-protection. On the top, you will get a 3 line alignment sight and can also attach a rail over it to attach some important attachments.

5-Walter PPQ

This brand is, especially for small firearms. Walter PPQ, S lineup of pistols great range of guns and maneuverability. The trigger is one of the most important features to use the guns and if it is cooler than other things can be compromised as well. Looks are cool and better moving ability. For the small hands, its grip is good sometimes not for the person with the bigger hands. The magazine is short but easy to operate, handle, and reload. The side-release button is very comfortable. Trigger guards are quite large as compared to their size and that’s an interesting feature in it.

Here are the few versions of this and you may like any of the features that are almost the same but different by looks and some other small features. The Walter PPW M2 Q5 version have larger barrel length and also quite big as compare to it other versions. In the same way, M2 Compact have a shorter barrel and low capacity of bullets at a time.

walter ppq m2
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7.1″
  • Barrel – 4″
  • Height – 5.3″
  • Capacity – 15
walther q5
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 8.1″
  • Barrel – 5″
  • Height – 5.3″
  • Capacity – 15
walther ppq m2 sc
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 6.6″
  • Barrel – 3.5″
  • Height – 4.4″
  • Capacity – 10

6-Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 482

After the Glock, this brand pistols have a large demand in the market. Looks quite similar to the Glock and also favorite for many others. If you don’t want to spend more than you can choose this same as Glock and works so well. Let be in a fast discussion the pros.

Firstly affordable, the price is cheap but not the quality so don’t bother about this. Great grip for every hand and texture is just amazing, and after all of this, it looks so cool. There are a lot of options to customize it and such parts are easily available. The safety buttons are usually handled with the thumb so that the other plus points for the normal users.

Affordable pistol in the great range with most of the features available in it. The stock and steel sight is very good compared to some other costly guns. Similar to the other it also has a compact series gun.

Comparison Chart

M&P 2.0​
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7.4″
  • Barrel – 4.25″
  • Height – 5.5″
  • Capacity – 17
M&P 2.0 Compact​
  • Ammo – 9mm
  • Length – 7.25″
  • Barrel – 4″
  • Height – 5″
  • Capacity – 15

7- Springfield 9mm Pistols

This is the other brand pistols used widely in the segment of 9mm pistols, due to many reasons this brand is on top 3 in this segment of best handguns. There are 2 variety in it Springfield Armory’s XD-S and XD-M.


There is a lot to say about this model the handled changes after 1912. It also shares grip safety and that common among them. May be everyone doesn’t like this very much but there is nothing in this which can be disliked.

The concealed pistols categories easy to clean and safe in hand, due to this the accuracy is also higher as compared. Just the trigger pressed its fire on the target. Have many other barrel sizes of 3.89″ to 4.5″.  


Most of the feature is the same except the barrel length and its width. It is a single stack pistol offering. 

Compared to Glock 43 it has some advantage of less width and higher capacity. The rest of the features is the same as XD-M.

Now, on the other hand, there are also many other manufacturers who have made the semi-automatic handguns for faster action-

8-Beretta 92FS

Beretta 92FS

Everyone in this sector heard this name good enough for every use. Semi-automatic gun and one the finest piece of art. Quite expensive but its feature will convince you to pay that much. In addition to the benefits of being heavier as compared to others. 

The 92FS has a lightened slide weight and low recoil system to further reduce recoil and make this gun more accurate and incredibly easy to shoot. The magazine is durable and runs along with the gun. A large capacity of bullets is one of the other advantages of it.

9-CZ 75

The one other interesting firearm is known for its body and frame. The fully metallic body makes it look premium and also put some weight in it, the magazine capacity is also high with extra-long magazine external attachments. It has 2 major versions CZ 75 B and CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical.


CZ 75 B

This variant of pistols is highly used for security purposes and in shooting range. Apart from the synthetic material these guns are totally steel frame bodies and quite heavy. Not for the beginners, more recoil, and more speed of firing bullets. 

Due to its weight, the accuracy is increased and value too. Compared to the Glock and Sauer its price is low and that’s a good thing in it. On the top, it has e dot sight and its trigger makes it easy to operate. On the safety mechanism, this gun has a different position. But due to the metallic body, it needs some maintenance and oil too. 

CZ 75 SP-01

It is just an improved version of the CZ 75 with some other features as before. In this new variant, there are a few changes of grip and barrel with inbuilt night sight to work better in dark- and easy-to-shoot range toy.

Final Talk

You have a lot of options to have the best handguns, every range, shape, and size. If you want a compact version you can so for Sig-Sauer models and if you want to have a heavy capacity gun then Glock is the better option for you.

From all of this, our favorite is Semi-automatic guns, its metal frame gives a premium feel and look. Due to it weight the accuracy increased and recoil decreased. Best in every way..

Happy Hunting!

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