Best Double Barrel Shotgun – 2022 Buying Guide

This is very difficult to explain which shotgun is good, double barrel or single barrel. So here we are going to explain this but suggest you the best double barrel shotgun which can fulfill your need.

It is not wrong if we say that double-barrel is real shotguns, the other one is just a modern form of a handgun. Let’s come to a list of the best double barrel shotgun.

List of Best Double Barrel Shotgun:-

1- CZ All-American Trap Combo – Best Double Barrel Shotgun

This is the long barrel classic shotgun in America. The CZ all-American is very beautiful and also offers single and double barrel options. For home security, this is good as easy to handle and fire. The CZ factory is famous for its highly capable guns and accessories.

Compared to another gun segment its price is good and tuff quality. Sure, the CZ isn’t as proven as the Citori in the double-barrel sporting shotgun game over the years, but the similarities are strange.


The swing and balance are amazing, material grade selection and all. The comfortable handle and texture allow to fir it whole day without any problem. The accuracy and targeting are good, the way it delivers its shot is highly appreciable.

The company also provides an adjustable choke and stock system, so you can also adjust even after buying it from the manufacturer. Both the barrels are top-notch, which means no roble while aiming the 2 fore on the same target.


  • Stunning looks.
  • Value for money in the niche segment relative to peers.
  • Proven brand heritage.
  • Exceptional fit and finish and attention to detail for the money.


  • Still has a considerable price tag.


2- Winchester Model 101 Sporting, Over/Under Shotgun

Best quality from Winchester factory in years, best-looking shotgun from the manufacturer. The design is cool and simple yet popular and works great. Even for decoration, you can use it very well and also when you need to fire. The most versatile model because it has all the classical aspect of a shotgun.

Winchester-Model-101-Sporting - Best Double Barrel Shotgun

The modern technique is used in his gun by giving of look. If we talk about its price then it makes many other brands underpowered. The glossy finish attracts the customer a lot, don’t think this is only for the wall. It is also quite a bit better at performing under difficult circumstances too. The record is very less as easy to fire and operate. The iron sight is not very good but satisfied when come to use.

It’s a brilliant mashup by a company who had been lackluster on shotguns for years, of the modern necessities from sporting shotguns, and the classic lines of traditional bird and sport guns. The barrel is long and slim without any handguard but believes us this will not burn your hand in any case.


  • Good adjustability for a mostly fixed shotgun.
  • Exceptional recoil mitigation.
  • Beautiful; traditional; sporty.


  • Perhaps the only great shotgun the company has produced in many years.


3- Franchi – Instinct SL, Over/Under Shotgun

Similar to the previous one but also you will get the gripped stock and also the barrel grip. The finish is quite fade but yet very interesting. Polished very well and also do its job too. The overall weight is 8lbs, including the 28-inch barrel which is nearly 5.6lbs. If we compared it to few other ones then it is light and easy to maneuver.


The recoil is not very high but its low weight can make it happen. Its lightweight also makes it suitable to add in the category of a tactical shotgunThe barrel is very good and matt finish but cant fire up to 75k rounds. The material is not made for that much heat and sturdiness.

This is a gun meant for lightweight, quick target acquisition shooting and is best in the field with dogs chasing birds as a standard target. The gun is faster to handle, easy loading and clicks, no weight while swinging. The full choke system and the approachable stock design and finish make it pretty, if not a bit utilitarian, and functional.


  • Good looking; traditionally designed.
  • Super lightweight for an O/U shotgun.


  • Not as durable as some of the all-steel competitors with modular replacement parts systems on this list.


4- Beretta USA – 686 Silver Pigeon I Combo Shotgun 

One other from the same formation and similar to the other only the look and wood quality is different. The wood is also faded and lightweight. This includes a 42-inch barrel which simply means you need a large area to place and heavy hands to handle.


Recoil is very less but due to its weight, you need to hand it carefully. The price is good and also not a lot of maintenance.

Straightforward and utilitarian, but also strikingly good looking for a utility hunting gun, this shotgun is definitely worthy of a professional hunter and also used as a tactical shooter.


  • Unbelievably good reputation.
  • Simple but elegant.
  • The perfect combination of calibers for an upland shotgun.


  • Could be considered by some to be expensive, even though it offers uncommon value at the price point given its track record.


5- Savage Arms Fox A Grade Shotgun

The is from a great manufacturer, the Fox A-grade Shotgun by Savage Arms is staggering. One of the rifle looking shotgun with a horizontal barrel alignment. The shot fare may on a different target at a time. Due to this, the power is slightly lower than another town on our list.


But you can still fare the small target at a smaller distance. Obviously, the length may be a problem while moving and using on the different target.

The textures are wooden based and hand carving. The Center of gravity may be on the front side due to its barrel material and its length. Slim and easy to handle even for small hands. New generation users may not feel good when using its stock as there is no particular stock in this.

The record may increase due to its stick formation and holding position. This Savage is as good as you are going to get from an American type Side by Side shotgun, period.


  • Classic. Simple. Yet, refined.
  • Perfectionist attitude towards fit and finish by the company.


  • Expensive to most who see it.


6- Pedersoli Wyatt Earp Shotgun – Best Double Barrel Shotgun

A perfect Cowboy Action style shotgun, with a piece of good furniture and a shorter barrel for rapid action just like a cowboy, do in a movie. The stock is similar to the rifle but other parts are just amazing. You can also say this as a combination of the rifle and shotgun in a single piece. The classical look uses a bolt action and gun powder.


It’s simple and yet, it’s supremely stylish, from the butt plate to the rounded stock grip to the fore-end that ever so slightly favors the European slant. The beautiful finish and its barrel alignment make it more dangerous than any other shotgun.

Either use it using one hand or 2 handguns. This can be used as a utility or tactical shotgun. The mechanism is like an ancient gun that uses bolt and hammer style but believes me the functionality is very new and from this generation.


  • Short and sweet.
  • Brilliant aesthetics.
  • Overbuilt from a strength perspective.
  • Classic Colt hammers.


  • Maybe too niche?


7- Browning Citori 725 Trap Over/Under Shotgun

It has the best factory-made recoil handling capability due to its stock which is similar to the tactical shotgun. The barrel is made from good material then make a glossy finish on the outer surface. New technology and mechanism are fully embedded in it. The company is fully invested in the innovation-end of the producer spectrum.


The triple trigger might not seem so fantastic until you need to fire a shot after a misfire, then it’s innovations like this or the FireLite trigger that come in handy. This means you don’t need a lot of practice to shoot from this gun. The balance is basically unparalleled and vertically align barrels offer significantly faster on-target behavior.


  • Beautiful and proven.
  • Amazing trigger.
  • Robust build quality for extensive round counts.
  • The de facto standard in the price range for years.


  • Still a high price tag for most shooters.


8- Browning Citori Gran Lightning Over/Under Shotgun

Look like an antique piece and from the same brand. The formation is approximately the same but only the stock is different and classical. Low weight and short barrel make it move easily. The design and overall finish are good, when you hold it in hand it will give a premium touch.

Browning-Citori-Gran-Lightning - Best Double Barrel Shotgun

Other than this everything is nearly the same or identical to another one. The vertical alignment of the barrel is always better than the horizontal one. For a shorter distance, this works much better than its competitor.

Nothing a lot to say about this but an amazing piece of work.


  • The Citori name without the high price tag.
  • Gorgeous even if slightly understated for Browning’s premium line offering.
  • Super well balanced.


  • Doesn’t have some of the creature comforts of the other Citori offerings.


9- Barrett Albany Over/Under Shotgun

The one of the famous brand among the field of arms. So we have to list at least one from this manufacturer. The name of Barett is very famous in the market and I don’t think there is a need to tell a lot about this. This makes only a few from the traditional design.


Most of the arms are from the new-gen and required by the professional shooter and for people who want for the personal and home defense. The auto ejector of sell and reloading capability makes it more reliable and easy to use.

It is very comfortable to shoot the 28 gauge, 28″ barrel variant of the Albany, as it is about as good a field shotgun as you can find on the market. The cost of a gun is about $6000 but I don’t think you will regret it if you get one yourself. Even several generations can use it very well. The technology in it is enough for its price.

The quality of the barrel is very high and made for longer use or can fire thousands of shots.


  • Feels like a different type of O/U – looks classic.
  • Fine-tuned barrels and great internal finishing.


  • Expensive, without offering groundbreaking technology.


10-Benelli 828U Sport Over/Under Shotgun

Famous manufacturer in the field of guns and this is enough for anyone to get one from this brand. We put this not only because of its brand but it does its job very well. This is famous as used in many of the movies like John wick and many other actions movie.



  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Super innovations that actually make a difference for competition and hunting customers.
  • Still, a relative bargain is given all of the feature set.


  • Bargain in relative terms does not mean it’s inexpensive.



Finally, we have completed the list of the best double-barrel shotgun available in the market. There is 2 thing you should keep in mind before buying the shotgun. Firstly, why you are buying? means what will you do with it? For home security or shooting. Secondly, barrel alignment i.e. vertical or horizontal?

From our experience, we will suggest you get a tactical shotgun but if you want for decoration and love classical then go for the double-barrel shotgun as listed in this article.

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