5 Best AR9 Carbines In 2020 – Updated

by John Tylor | Last Updated: June 30, 2020

One of the most using firearms in the series of fully automatic guns. The AR9 is the short machine gun using 9 mm bullets. In this guide, we will discuss the best AR9 carbine guns but before that let’s discuss the specifications in short.

Check these features before buying AR9-


A lot of things about should know about AR 9 before buying one for yourself. We already discuss the 9mm ammo in the best handguns category. This is the cheapest bulk amount of ammo available in the market cost less than one-fourth of a dollar and also less than most of the AR 15 ammo. 

Since the cost is very low but quite similar to the ammo of AR 15, if you buying in a bulk it will save a lot of your money.


The 9 mm ammo is highly demanded and used by most of the handguns we already covered in the best handguns section. So the best part is if buy in bulk it can be helpful in both the handguns and AR too. Accessories used by the handguns and AR are almost the same. Sometimes the magazine is also used by the ar if you buy it for your 9 mm handguns.

Small and Compact-

It is not a rule followed by every SMG but you can say that their barrels shorter than rifles. This provides compatibility and accuracy to the guns and the fired shot.

Easy To Shoot-

we have discussed a lot about guns and can finally say that it is easy to shoot as compared to the handguns and other small arms even of 9 mm. The extra grip on the other hand help to fire very rapidly and help in the vertical range of the targets. The target is also long-range due to its long and string mechanism.


The weapons are not small to hide it anywhere so sometimes quite laggy and heavy to carry. The velocity and range of the weapons can be used as assault rifles and also easy to transport as compared to the long barrel guns. Since the range is 500M for some guns but the effective range is low and the project is also made a curved path which decreases the accuracy of the bullets.

List of Best AR9 Carbines in Market-



One of the best 9mm carbines available in the market. Mainly designed for personal use, versatile so can use used for games too. The trigger is adjustable and makes comfort to many of its users. The most interesting thing is its suppressor inbuilt with it, make it quiet and low profile.

Sight is very good, the upper rail is long enough to add many accessories like a scope, laser, and light. A slim design fit for every hand and grip, instead of all this the cost is quite high as compared to the other same type of guns. Quality of carbine is good for every type of user with experienced or noob. 

Good for both left and right-handed users. If looking for the best AR-9 then without hesitation go for it. In some cases, its trigger is quite hard to pull so not suggest for a long number of firing.


  • Barrel Length: 16.2″
  • Capacity: 20+1-Round
  • Cartridge: 9 mm
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Length: 34.75″
  • Magazine Included: 1 x 20-Round
  • Magazine Type: Removable
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable
  • Weight: 7 lbs

2- Wilson Combat- AR9 Carbine 9mm

The other from Beretta known for its accuracy and reliability. An advanced version of AR 15 so handling is good and tries to make its standard in the SMG also. Recoil is very less due to its stock and long barrel, operated by gas blowback and enhanced accuracy. 

The barrel is made up of carbon steel and can 9mm twist barrel give more and unexpected accuracy. Designed from the handguns range of guns for faster reloading and high capacity than sidearms. Your handguns barrel can also be used with this easy and highly portable gun.

On the top, the rail is available to fix some attachments and its inbuilt sight is ring-type to provide exact point to the target. Its carbine is very durable and tested so long when operated with a red dot it can be used as training purposes and for defense too. The range is not that much high but quite enough to shoot at 100M of distance

Used 9 mm ammo which is cheap and reliable and easy to buy. The look is cool which acts like a rifle, commonly used magazine easily available and inbuilt suppressor too, to make it quite. If we talk about the budget then quite high due to its brand of Beretta.


  • Barrel Length: 16″
  • Capacity: 15+1-Round
  • Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
  • Front Sight: None
  • Length: 32.75″
  • Magazine Included: 2 x 15-Round
  • Magazine Type: Removable
  • Rear Sight: None
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs

3- Sig Sauer- MPX Carbine

This model gas-operated fully automatic and the standard of short barrel rifle having 16″ of length. One of the best things is its dual size bolt release, mag ejector, and handle for both the left and right-handed users, totally adjustable for any user. 

After going a lot of successful model of handguns, this is exactly the same as the user required and expect form the AR9 carbine guns. Its carbine is also 9 mm so have each and every advantage of the 9 mm ammo. Its design is especially for every condition plain a rough.

This simply means it can be operated over any conditions. Apart from all this, we have a long top rail on to attach the accessories like lights, lasers, and scope. The barrel can be replaced by other variants of different lengths. Short stroke gas piston will allow you to run all 9 mm of every weight easily. 

Its barrel is very durable and specially designed for omg time of use. From its handguns to this SMG apart from everything is just awesome so the cost is little high then its competitors.


  • Barrel Length: 16″
  • Capacity: 30+1-Round
  • Cartridge: 9 mm Luger
  • Length: 32.8″
  • Magazine Included: 1 x 30-Round
  • Magazine Type: Removable
  • Stock Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 7 lbs

4- Sig Sauer- MPX K

Sig Sauer- MPX K

This is one of the advanced levels of guns from Sauer, look like an SMG this AR9 caliber gun has a short barrel length of 4.5″ and very compact in size, if the stock is removed its size is near about 10″-11″. which is very short among all of them and the best thing is it also uses 9 mm ammo, which gives another benefit. 

The total length after the stock is 18″. Since this is a new model so you need to wait a few months to be available for you.

Item Details

  • Barrel Length: 4.5″
  • Capacity: 30+1-Round
  • Cartridge: 9 mm
  • Front Sight: None
  • Length: 13.5″
  • Muzzle: Flash Hider
  • Stock Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs

5- CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm Pistol

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm Pistol

Apart from this platform, this CZ Scorpion EVO is AR9 mm carbine guns. Its upgrade is cool you can attack a stock and barrel too for higher results and demand. In the simple piece is just 16″ of total length and 7.75″ of barrel length. 

The stock adjusted to the tail makes it long and comfortable to use and reduce its recoil. The safety features of the mag are good and operated by both of the hands. On the top 11″ rail has good length for mounting any external accessories. 

There are also Picatinny rails on the front sides and bottom of the pistol. For the bullets, its magazine has 2 variants of 20 and 30 bullets at a time. The magazine used in this is quite cheap and also available very commonly but it will be more helpful when fully u[graded with a stock and red dot.


  • Barrel Length: 7.75″
  • Capacity: 20+1-Round
  • Cartridge: 9 mm
  • Length: 16.35″
  • Magazine Included: 1 x 20-Round
  • Magazine Type: Removable
  • Safety: Yes
  • Stock Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 5 lbs

5- JP Enterprises GMR-15 9mm Carbine – Best Overall AR-9

It is gas-operated semi-automatic, one of the best grade companies you would like to have. The superfine high-end caliber in the shell. This brand is known for making high-grade parts and guns too. 

And this is one of the best AR9 guns to have a high demand in the market. If you buy this you won’t need to upgrade to any level or replace any parts.


  • Barrel Length: 16″
  • Capacity: 10+1-Round
  • Cartridge: 9 mm
  • Front Sight: NA
  • Length: 36.5″
  • Magazine Included: 1 x 10-Round
  • Stock Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 7 lbs


In last we would like to say that each gun has its own quality and specification. So it totally depends upon you that which one you would like to choose? The other condition is how much you have to spend on the gun for your safety and requirement. 

Since the Sauer has many configurations so you would definitely get one of them. You can also switch to AR-10 or AR-15 for heavy use.

Happy Hunting!