Best .357 Magnum Revolvers in 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

Magnum Revolvers are really popular these days. The craze for .357 Magnum Revolvers has evolved over the years. They are also now budget-friendly and you can own a revolver or pistol in just a few hundred dollars.

There are many who prefer revolvers over pistols. If you are someone who loves revolvers?

We are here to help you with our review on 10 best .357 Magnum revolvers available in the market today. The reviews are based on our personal experience and on reviews of hundreds of users online.

Let’s look at the best .357 Magnum revolvers that you can buy in 2020.

Taurus – Model 66 4IN 357 Magnum

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Taurus – 605 Protector Polymer 2.5IN

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Dan Wesson 715 6IN 357 Magnum

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Top 10 .357 Magnum Revolvers In 2020:-

We will be listing out all the .357 magnum revolvers in the order of their popularity and value they offer in the specific price range. Let’s start:

1- Smith & Wesson® J-Frame Centerfire Revolvers


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One of the best .357 magnum revolvers is manufactured by the Smith & Wesson group. If you are looking for revolvers that are good for self-defense and to carry then this is going to be your favorite weapon.

This is a very compact and ready to shoot kinda revolver that you will surely love. A very reliable option in the mid-range pistol range.

They have various models from the Model 442 Airweight to the Model 642 .38 special with no internal lock. You will also get features like the crimson Trace Lasergrip – which gives you a better ability to target and acquisition.

They offer a variety of options to choose from, with different features and performance levels. You can expect some really good .357 revolvers from them.

Every Smith & Wesson revolver is made with high-quality alloy and stainless steel combination. With all the models supporting a 5 shot capacity.

2- Ruger Super GP100 Competition .357 MAG / 38 SPL 5.5″ Revolver

Ruger Super GP100 Competition .357 Mag / 38 Spl 5.5" Revolver,

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The second best is the Ruger Super GP100 Competition .357 Revolver. The Ruger show is a very renowned brand when it comes to custom revolvers and pistols.

They have some really good custom revolver options that you can choose. The Ruger Super GP100 Competition .357 or .38 Special revolvers are two such great products they offer.

They are built with a beautiful Hogue hand-finished hardwood grip. This gives a great look to the pistol.

It is a high capacity pistol that can shoot up to 8 rounds in one go. Both these revolvers are handy and yet powerful weapons and you will experience it when you will shoot using these revolvers.

These two revolvers use a triple locking cylinder mechanism. This is why the revolvers are considered a reliable choice for long-lasting performance.

The Super Redhawk two-spring lock is very useful which gives you a more functioning double-action cycle and good ignition.

A solid option, It is built using high-quality products like the cold hammer-forged barrel, and the stainless steel frame..

3- Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 627 .357 Magnum/ .38 Special 8 Round Revolver

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We consider Smith & Wesson to be the best .357 magnum revolver manufacturers. This is the reason we placed again Smith & Wesson Model 627 .357 Magnum revolver at the top of the list.

It is also a solid option with the great build quality. You also have the option to choose between the .357 Magnum rounds or the .38 Special rounds.

We would appreciate the craftsmanship behind this awesome revolver. It is built using the mix of classic revolver making techniques and modern techniques.

If you decide to buy this then you will get a Gold Bead Front sight in combination with a rear adjustable sight for better accuracy and precision. With its great power and accuracy, It becomes the best revolver for hunting and home-defense.

The materials used for this revolver are stainless steel frame, cylinder, and barrel in a classic way. The blend of these all results in a great .357 revolver.

The weight of this revolver is just 43.6 oz, and the length is 9.5 inches, with a barrel length of five inches. You will be getting the well-balanced, classic-looking, quality built double or single-action revolver if you are going to buy this one.

4- Taurus – Model 66 4IN 357 Magnum | 38 Special Blue 7RD

Taurus – Model 66 4IN 357 Magnum

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Taurus Model 66 4 inches is the most affordable and best .357 revolver you can get for the money you will pay. It is considered as a suitable option for those who are looking to buy an affordable .357 revolver.

It is a high capacity revolver and you can shot up to 7 rounds. You can use both the Magnum .357 or .38 Special rounds with this revolver.

It is the favorite revolver of all the law-enforcement and security professionals over the years.

The Taurus 66 4IN is built using a medium size revolver frame. With a tough and durable grip, you will love handling this revolver.

You can easily aim for the close-range targeting as the sight on this revolver is fixed. It can be considered a great option for self-defense and home defense.

5- Charter Arms – Mag Pug 2.2IN 357 Magnum Blue 5RD

Charter Arms – Mag Pug 2.2IN 357 Magnum

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Another affordable .357 revolver is the Charter Arms Mag Pug 2.2IN. You can consider it same as that of the last one, the plus point with this revolver is the compactness. It is designed keeping in mind to make it handier and easy to carry.

If you are looking to buy a small revolver then it can be a great option for you.

Though it is compact, it is a 6.5 inches full-length revolver. You will not have to compromise on any of the points. It has an excellent performance for the money you will be paying them.

This is a US-Based firearm and this explains the reliability of this amazing .357 revolver.

The fixed sights on this compact Charter Arms revolver will aid you in close-range targeting. The revolver weighs just 1.5 pounds, and that’s why it is a good choice if you need to carry your gun all day long.

This revolver has a standard plain muzzle, the barrel length is 2.2 inches, and that’ why it is considered a compact .357 revolver.

It has a five-round capacity and that is really great for such a small and compact revolver.

6- Taurus – 605 Protector Polymer 2.5IN 357 Magnum | 38 Special Blue 5RD

Taurus – 605 Protector Polymer 2.5IN

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Taurus also has another great .357 magnum revolver. The Taurus 605 Protector Polymer 2.5IN revolver is a very compact and handy revolver. With great performance, It also allows you to use the .38 special rounds.

We consider revolvers should be compact and handy, this is also a great option. It has a 2.5 inches barrel and the full length is 6.5 inches and falls in the category of the compact revolvers.

You will not have to compromise on the performance of the revolver. It is a powerful revolver that you can buy in 300 dollars.

It also has a five-round capacity and that is impressive for a gun of this size. The trigger can be single or double action, which means faster performance in case of emergencies.

The sights are fixed and you can easily aim for the close-range shots quickly with these revolvers. The front fiber optic sight will help you in better targeting.

With just 1.24 pounds, It can also be considered a very lightweight revolver.

7- Dan Wesson 715 6IN 357 Magnum | 38 Special Stainless 6RD

Dan Wesson 715 6IN 357 Magnum

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Dan Wesson is a six-inch barrel revolver which is really popular for self-defense and hunting purpose.

It is also one of the most reliable and durable best .357 magnum revolvers you will find on the internet today. With better accuracy and performance Dan Wesson has built a solid revolver.

The best part of this revolver is going to be the lesser recoil and that’s why you will get a smoother shooting experience. The complete length of the revolver is 11 inches, It falls in the category of large revolvers. It has a classic stainless steel finish with a rubber stock and grooves indented for giving you a better and firm grip

You will also experience accurate targeting with this revolver. The 715 model has a fixed front sight, the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. So this makes it an ideal option for hunting and home defense as well.

It has a capacity of six rounds and weighs just 2.94 pounds. Still, you will have a well-balanced shooting experience with this Dan Wesson 715 6IN 357 Magnum revolver.

8- Korth Mongoose .357

Korth Mongoose .357

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Looking for a premium .357 revolver? The Korth Mongoose .357 is a premium revolver that will cost you over $ 3500.

You will not just get a premium .357 revolver but it is also the best .357 revolver which you can have if you have such a higher budget.

The quality of this revolver is just amazing. Such exceptional built quality is rare, and that is it has a high price.

You will also have options for barrel configurations. You can choose either a three-inch, four-inch, 5.25-inch or a 6-inch barrel for the Korth Mongoose .357

It will be completely your choice to choose the best available version as per your requirements. It also gives the option to choose either .357 or .38 Special rounds to be chambered with this revolver. With a six-round capacity, you will get a great performance.

Thet will be the availability of a rapid change cylinder, which means better reload.

We know the manufacturers have done exceptional work in designing and building this revolver. It is built keeping in mind reliability, durability, highest precision, and class. You will experience each one of them once you will hold this revolver in your hands.

Such a well-polished trigger, smooth finish, and better grip are also the key points of this .357 revolver.

9- Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag 5 1/2″ Satin Stainless (KRH-445)

Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag 5 1/2"

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Ruger Redhawk .44 is a classic revolver. Value for money product with an amazing performance in terms of reliability, durability, and accuracy.

If you are someone who really loves the classic revolver look then you will surely love this revolver.

It is something different which you won’t find in any of the other revolvers available on the internet today.

You will have to use the .44 Remington rounds than that of the .357 or .38 special with this Redhawk .44 Mag 5 1/2.

The .44 round can easily accept and propel a much heavier grain than that of the .357 cartridges. If you can handle the .44 round then this can be a magnificent firearm to own and fire. It is made with stainless steel finish with a beautifully crafted wooden grip.

It has the option of a single or double action trigger which enables you to quick response in case of self-defense.

The power and the accuracy of this gun make it the perfect revolver for hunting purposes. You can also expect to hunt large with the powerful .44 rounds with this revolver.


This was our recommendation for the best .357 revolvers that you can buy today. We will recommend Korth Mongoose .357 Revolver for the best performance .357 revolver and Ruger Super GP100 Competition .357 the  as the best .357 revolver overall.

If you think we missed something then do let us know. And you can also read other articles like an AR9 assault rifle or ar15 rifles.

Happy Hunting!

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