How to Adjust a Rifle Scope Up and Down?

Do you feel uncomfortable while shooting like once you adjust your scope and then fire your shot then again you miss the shot and again you need to adjust your sight? Some time you need to adjust is clockwise or antilock wise. Sometimes it’s tricky work to do this. But we will help to understand the concept of How to Adjust a Rifle Scope Up and Down?

Making your sight adjusted to pinpoint is not a smile work but it doesn’t need to get a degree to adjust. You just need to understand the concept of its mechanical parts and parts. In this guide, we will guide you ina smile way to get your work down so let’s start with the basics.

First of all, the elevation is much more important to adjust your scope up or down.

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How to Adjust a Rifle Scope Up and Down-


It is the primary adjustable knobs both on the top and side of your scope. The windage turret which is responsible for the left and right movement and the knob on the top is used for the vertical adjustment. Few costly scopes have parallax know which makes a keen sight on the bullseye.

The position of the knob is in a comfortable place. For verticle adjustment, you need to use the top knob. Similarly, for the horizontal adjustment, you need to adjust the side one. This seems very easy to remember for faster action. One more thing you need to care about the side knob is you are a right-handed user or a left-handed user.

You can get whatever turret type you want either a covered one or a simple one. The turret without cover is easy to adjust and faster action. Also, you don’t need to adjust every time if you use for the same target. The front lens is capped type so you can twist it gently and use it accordingly.

During unscrew the cap generally you need to adjust your sight again as it can fluctuate the turret and lens position. Ost of them is adjusted using few mechanical screws so it’s better to keep few screwdrivers to adjust it.


The important thing is you need to understand that you can not adjust your bullet, you just adjust the knob of your scope. The barrel is always a fire to a particular angle or elevation. This is a fixed point and you cant adjust the barrel of your gun. You can only recenter your scope.

It points to the target where you are aiming, so your scope doesn’t decide your bullet direction. So it is very important to adjust your scope where the bullet will hit. Set your mind for this and adjust accordingly.

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The adjustment knobs mostly in MOA (minutes of angle) or MIL (milliradian), which is a measurement in scope. According to my experience, MOA is user-friendly and easy to understand. If you see a scope that measures ¼ MOA it means that each adjustment click moves the reticle ¼ inches per 100 yards. Pretty easy to understand. ½ inch for 200 yards, 1 inch for 400 yards, and so on.

In the same way for every ¼ inch MOA click the MIL would be approximately 1/3 inch per 100 yards. Both work well and help to understand even for the new users too. Be sure to know on which scale your scope is working on which scale.


After understand both the process you are ready to adjust your scope for a live drill. The elevation is controlled by the upper side knob of your scope. In this guide, we take an MOA measurement and reticle. There will be marking of U and D for up and down respectively. So it will help you to rotate the knob in a required direction.

It has an MOA scale so it measures ¼ MOA per 100 yards. If you need to adjust for the 200 yards you need to move the reticle up ½ inch so 2 clicks to the Upward direction. Similarly for 300 yards 3 clicks in the upward direction.

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In the same way, if you need to adjust your scope to 200 yards if it is currently on the 400 yards then simply 2 click to the downward direction. The process is the same in the capped turret only difference is you need a tool. If it is no a finger adjustment then you required some penny for the tools to adjust it.


Do we hope that now it is an easy task for you to How to Adjust a Rifle Scope Up and Down. No need for a degree or skill just s simple math and calculation for that. A little practice and you can do it yourself. Remember that you cant adjust your barrel position so you need to adjust your scope only.

We suggest to fore a few shots also on your adjustment for the best result before competitions. The best way is to keep practicing on the rifle and scope for perfect results. No matter how much you read about the adjustment, the best way is to go out, spend a few dollars, and do they live practice.

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